I was thinking about the evolution of my Sundays this evening. There was a definite period of time when I would get depressed around 5 or 6, knowing that I had to get ready for work — iron and make a lunch. Perhaps grade something left ungraded. Or get lesson plans ready.

Now, it doesn’t bother me so much. Probably because I don’t have to be anywhere officially till Monday afternoon. It’s funny though because I’ve been html-coding math lessons for the last 6 hours (with a short 30 minute break) so it’s not like I’m having a great time or something.

Suffice it to say, I prefer this. But I will say it is not for everyone. And I think about that in the moments of fleeting jealousy I have for people I see during my walks during the week–how nice must it be to punch in and punch out, never take a bit of work home with you, never have to stay later without extra pay, never have to go in Saturdays. Then, I realize  I would never make it.

And I think it’s funny that some people envy me because I know they wouldn’t make it. They’d either not work (which if they can manage that, more power to them!) or they’d run for the hills the first time they had to stay up till 1:30 in the morning to meet a deadline for one job and be back up at 6 the next morning to prep for another job.

It’s a fabulous double-edged sword, but like all things in my life, I feel fortunate that I have been able to find such great joy in this.

And with that, I figure the last task before I get some reading in is my goal list:

  1. Read a book. A whole one. This week. I was doing really well for a while, but then work overpowered my life.
  2. Go back to 3-pages a day on the 1st draft of the second book. I’ve only been working on the first book right now because it directly relates to the class I’m taking.
  3. Review my taxes once more. Hopefully, submit them. But I don’t think I can so I’m not making that an official goal (one of my forms for the freelance work was unavailable from the IRS last week).
  4. Find the last 3 months worth of pay stubs. (Haha. Because I think I may have found the neighborhood I want to live in today.)
  5. Give myself legitimate rest days from running. (At least till my shoes arrive.)
  6. Finish the bedroom closet (from last week’s Simplicity attempt).
  7. And oh yea, no calorie counting! I was really tempted today, but I convinced myself not to.

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