okay, so I’m not really charmed

I just like the song.

And the word.

But last night as I crawled into bed (emphasis on the crawl) at an absurd hour (I can’t say what time. Hi, mom!) after coding math problems for four hours, I thought to myself two things: 1. If I have to be up at 6:30 to finish this, I’m going to cry. 2. This just might not be worth all of this.

But I got up, ground some coffee and set it to brew and went back to work with a deadline of 2 hours to finish work that was due today.

And as I was sitting here, I received an email. And it made it all worthwhile because the dream is no longer a dream…but a goal. And now it’s only a matter of time.

And news like that was exactly what I needed to face another round of meetings, a class, a short photo shoot, and prep work this evening with my students for a project tomorrow. Plus, I met my morning deadline, nearly finished my taxes, and am in a relatively awesome mood.

So, no I’m not really charmed. I’m just working my @$$ off to get what I want.


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