why I annoy people :-)

I could literally write a whole blog about the ridiculous things people say to me. Here goes another gem….

Co-worker: You’re way too competitive with yourself.

Me: Well, find me someone worthy of competition, and I’ll compete with them.

Co-worker: What are you trying to say?

Me: That I don’t appreciate your comment.

I was kind of tired yesterday.

with much disappointment…

…comes great joy.

And I’m not saying this to be trite or to make myself feel better about something.

Do you ever think that possibly the universe doesn’t “let” you have something until you’ve earned it? I think I learned today that this is exactly what happens.

I think—I know— that I made the right decision today. And a huge one at that (so I’m doubly proud of myself for making it rationally and logically).

No sooner was the intention stated as the one thing that I’ve been praying for for the past three months occurred. Bam! Just like that.

And no it’s not my house. (That’s the disappointment part.)

But I learned today that hoping and planning for things is meaningless. Praying with and for love is pretty much all there is.

So along with my disappointment, I my heart has been filled with an immense amount of love.

Kershaw’s Challenge

It’s no big secret that I love, love, love Clayton Kershaw. Mostly because he’s a lefty. And mostly because he’s had Cy Young written all over him from the first time I saw him pitch.

The funny thing is that I think now I love, love, love his wife even more.

I read about the Kershaws’ pledge of $100 for each strikeout Clayton registers this year, and it made me like them both even more. The goal is to raise $70,000 to build an orphanage in Zambia, where Ellen has visited frequently and Clayton made his first visit this offseason.

While I wish I could match their pledge, he’s just too good of a pitcher. So, I’m scaling it down to $1 per strikeout. I figure that way, I’ll make a minimum of a $200 contribution (hint, hint) to their fund this year. And it won’t be too bad to have to make a contribution every 5 days throughout the season.

After Opening Day, I’ve made the first $9 donation.

Check it out here!