best friends

On Saturday night, I get a phone call asking if I want to go out. My one question is…”do I have to wear shoes?” Now, these are new friends, and I could literally feel the WTF coming through the phone.


No. Like shoes at all. I’m out now, and I’ll meet up with you, but I’m in a hoodie and flip-flops.

Laughter. Laughter. (I really do like these guys, by the way.)

Then, last night, the text message says “I’m downstairs but make sure you’re wearing a jacket and shoes.”

And I completely cracked up because I realized that to really be my friend, you’d have to know that I hate shoes and I’m almost always in a tank top.

That’s not to say that the first friends will never get there. They will, that I am sure of, but it was just funny to compare.



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