new obsessions

I’m not a name-brand person. I hate clothes and I hate shoes. My general goal is to shop for either of these things in the easiest, fastest, cheapest way possible. So, I’m a little surprised that I’m absolutely obsessed with Nike. First, their stuff (especially their shoes) is ridiculously expensive (at least to me). I have been lucky enough to have gift cards for all of my purchases thus far. The thing is I went into a Footlocker and tried on the Nike Free Trainers and absolutely fell in love. I was hesitant at first to buy Frees because they have very little support, and I read that it could cause some damage to leg muscles. Not only has it not done that, but my running stride has improved dramatically along with my running times. Add to that, their Dry-Fit clothing, and I’m absolutely in heaven.

My other current obsession is also a surprise to me. I am a coffee addict. I absolutely love it. I like the caffeine. And I like coffee itself. The taste. The smell. About a week ago, I bought a box of Yerba Mate. And I don’t think I’ve brewed a pot of coffee since that moment. It’s probably all in my mind, but it doesn’t feel nearly as harsh to my body, and I get the same caffeine lift. I’m eagerly awaiting the loose leaf that I ordered.


  1. 1- When I first started running, I couldn’t justify spending money on workout gear bc you just sweat and get dirty and have to keep washing them. But I realized that an investment in running gear was worth it! The Dry-Fit is AMAZING. I don’t come back after a long run (too) gross!

    2- I get a lot of my Nike clothing items as either Nike Outlets (great prices!) or Marshall’s or TJ Maxx! They’re significantly cheaper. The only things I’ve bought full price are socks.

    3- Speaking of socks, have you tried the Nike running socks? They’re amazing. They make my poor feet feel so loved and they absorb sweat. And no blisters!

    • Up to 3 miles, I was perfectly fine. Then, my mind went into overdrive about all the really horrible infections and things that come from that much sweat. (One of my many oddities!) Once I realized that, it was very justifiable in my mind to spend the money.

      There is fortunately a Nike outlet less than 2 miles from my mom’s house so that makes it easy! But I never thought to look at Marshall’s. I’ll have to do that!

      And yes! I’ve tried the socks. Amazing, amazing difference!

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