Words that is.

Not that I wrote them all today. I think I wrote about 2,000 today.

It’s strange. It feels rusty almost. I don’t even know what it is that feels rusty, but it was almost strange to sit down and start writing. But once I got going, it felt normal again. According to my saved document, it’s been two months.

Ugh. That’s so disappointing.

But I guess it’s better to start up again than to completely quit.

So, the process on this one is a lot different that the first time around. I have a pretty extensive outline. I know where everything is going to happen. Which scenes go where. Where everything takes place and how many chapters there will be. That makes it kind of easy. I’m not nearly stressing this one as much.

And I think that my goal is going to be at least a chapter per day instead of three pages per day.

I’m kind of thinking about putting chapters up here, but I’m not sure yet.

At any rate. Writing’s in. Run’s in. Good start to my goals.


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