on writing: the inspiration to share

I’ve really debated doing this for over a year. I hate unfinished projects and products so the thought of putting something out in the universe for other people to consume really made me uneasy.

But all of that changed when a friend started doing the very thing that I feared doing. Well, I’ll have to backtrack a bit. He started a few months ago with a blog of short stories and portions of what would become a first novel. It made me think that I could put portions of chapters or chapters up, but I still hesitated. What if I didn’t finish? What if I changed it and people reading it were confused or disappointed? Ugh. It just made me never want to let anyone read anything I wrote ever again.

Until the aforementioned friend announced late last week that his book was for sale on iBooks. Hmm. That made me reconsider. Perhaps I could eventually sell this the same way. And really the only way I would be able to do that is to share portions of it now.

So, I wrote an intro. Described the character. Described the book. And…let no one see it.

Ugh, again. But here goes.

The link is HERE and also will be an RSS feed on the side of this blog.

Comments & criticism are definitely welcome.


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