8 cups of coffee & a Frappuccino

That is what I have consumed thus far today. I say thus far because an after-dinner cup of coffee is a definite possibility.

So, I was pretty excited last week about Yerba Mate. Still am, really. I also failed to mention, I think, that I had been sick for almost two weeks. I usually can’t drink coffee with sinus medication and/or antibiotics. I was going along just fine with this thought that I had successfully substituted tea for coffee.

Except that I could not wake up. Like literally, it hurt my eyelids to open them in the morning. I thought I was just getting over the end of that cold and recovering from a crazy last month of school (think way too many 18 hour days).

After running more than 5 miles, I would literally sleep for two to three hours.

Then, I started to cry. Seriously. At everything. And I don’t cry. I rarely cry, that is. But any little frustration, and the tears would start.

Finally, I went shopping with my mom. And about two hours in she looked at me. What is wrong with you? Have you had coffee today?

I said no. And I explained about the tea.

So, she bought iced coffee from Starbucks. Iced. No sweetener. No milk. And literally, within 20 minutes I felt like a whole new person.

The moral of the story is that I have tried to kick the caffeine habit over and over again. And this was the final sign that there is no point. To sink into a symptoms of depression for no reason at all is foolish.

I’ll just live with my addiction.



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