what are we teaching our girls?

When I returned to the all-girls school where I teach today, I was reminded of something that has been bothering me since I started running.

Women have an unnatural obsession with weight. And sizes.

I wouldn’t have minded comments about how healthy I look or questions about how my running is coming along.

But that’s not what I got. And I just stopped to think. How does this translate over to how we teach our girls? If we are leading by example, this isn’t a very good one.

This comes after other comments last week. I had students tell me that if their coach had to work with a woman, at least it was me because “you’re close enough to working with a [guy].” Not offended at all, I asked what they meant.

You don’t put up with sh*t.

Why does that have to be a male trait? I don’t think we do girls any great favor by making them think that being practical, having high standards and being straightforward are male qualities.

For a long time, I called myself a tomboy. I actually still do sometimes. But really what’s so boyish about what I do? It’s all just being human in my mind.


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