Photo a Day…for a month

I’m going to skip the obligatory why-I-haven’t-posted-in-a-month post and just jump right in and say that after failing at a 365 photo project a couple of years ago (I think I lasted 3 days), I think I might have found a project I can stick with. First, it only lasts a month (although, I assume it can be done again next month as there was one in January). Second, you’re given topics for each day. I know that seems like the lazy way to go about it, but in some ways I do believe that it stretches your creativity to interpret and execute a prompt (at least, I have to think that because I’m a teacher). And third, I was introduced to it by a friend on Instagram (you can follow me at: janateresa). That makes it very easy and very convenient–no extra camera, no uploading, no fuss.

So, this is the first week of February:


My View






A Stranger




10 a.m.



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