baseball: keeping score (K-ForCE Lite)

Baseball is back!

I guess it’s been back for over a week, but I took a short trip and missed opening week. I did return, though, just in time for the Dodgers Home Opener and the Dodgers first two home wins.

There was a time in my life when I kept score of a massive amount of games (massive = 162 in the 1997 season). I have all of the scorecards stored away. I’ve tried in the past couple of years on occasion to keep score, but it has seemed more of a hindrance than the fun it used to be.

I got talking with some folks about an app for scorekeeping, and sure enough it’s already been invented. ImageI read a couple of reviews and decided upon K-ForCE Lite for the iPhone. I figured if it was exceptional I could buy the full version, and if it was awful I could dump it.


  • You can import all of the major league rosters (although I figured this out after the game).
  • You can keep a pitch count in each at bat.
  • You can actually chart the hits (if you want to).
  • Player substitution was pretty easy once I got the hang of it (of course, I chose to do it in a game where the Pittsburgh Pirates did a triple substitution in one inning and ended up with five pitchers in the game. So, it was definitely tested out.)
  • Before you close out the game, it asks you to clear up any discrepancies.
  • You get awesome options to export the scoresheet or boxscore into html format of a pdf. (I’m super excited about the pdf.)



  • It’s a battery-drainer. That’s probably not a big deal at home, but at the stadium, it was a little rough. Will it stop me from doing it? Probably not. I’ll just make sure I have a full charge before I leave.
  • It’s a little difficult to change plays. (I guessed an error that was ruled a hit, and had a hard time figuring out how to change it.) I was able to change within the same inning, but I’m not sure how that works out if scoring changes are made later in the game.

All in all, this is awesome for a free app and baseball fan.