apartment gardening: day ten

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It’s been about 10 days since the planting extravaganza on the living room floor. I’ve lost the rosemary plant. It developed some sort of mold and died after a few days. I’ve also lost the dill, but it was already dying in the AeroGarden so I didn’t expect the dirt would save it.

One tomato plant is doing extremely well. The plant it shares space with is also doing fine. The other two plants, I don’t think will make it. One seems to be recovering, but the other is just withering away. All of the bell pepper and jalapeno plants are doing quite well. The jalapenos are flowering. All of those plants have been getting washed with an organic insecticide (more about that momentarily).

The succulents are doing well as I expected they would be. They are quite happy and at home in the ecosystem that is my living room.

I’m happiest about the two basil plants. I wasn’t sure that they were going to make it after being transplanted from the Aerogarden. They still don’t look completely healthy, but I’ve been moving the Genovese plant into more direct sunlight earlier in the day when I’m home. Now, both are sprouting new leaves, which I figure is a good sign.

The flowers that I planted as seeds sprouted up a few days ago and were so strong that they pushed dirt out of the little pot they were in. That’s probably the first thing I’ve grown from a seed since I was a kid, so that’s pretty awesome. And…it inspired me to buy some cilantro seeds, which are the new herb pots in the pictures above.

I’m happy that most of the plants are doing okay. I have developed a bug problem, though. So, Terro has been placed strategically for the ants, fly paper for the flies and Natria insecticidal soap for the peppers because they’ve been eaten by I don’t know what.

I’m trying to figure out when things need to be watered instead of just watering all the time and drowning plants. So, we shall see….



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