Under Armour

Just sent this off to Under Armour to thank them for my favorite workout capris.

(Side note: The fall referenced in the letter was not a bad one. Just some scrapes and bruises. I returned home and went to the gym.)

Dear Under Armour,

I am so thrilled by your Shatter Capris that I had to write you to explain. I bought my first pair over two years ago as I was training for a half marathon. The compression in these helped me with the IT Band issues I was struggling with.

About 9 months ago, I bought a bike and signed up for AIDS/LifeCycle, a 545-mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. I bought a second pair of Shatter Capris for training, fully intending to switch to padded shorts for the ride itself. Three days into the ride, I was so grateful that I had brought your capris with me – both pairs! They outperformed my cycling shorts in so many ways – they were more comfortable, wick away more sweat and allow for more breathing. On top of all of this, the tried and true compression factor helped my legs recover quickly.

(I have to add in here that not only do I love the performance of this garment, the quality is excellent as my original pair – which have seen huge mileage both running and cycling – are still in great shape!)

Unfortunately, a few days ago, I had my first big fall while cycling. And yet again, I was so thankful that I was wearing these Shatter Capris. My knees were only slightly scraped under this fabric instead of skinned as my elbows were. Not only that, but the fabric held up. There was not a tear or a single stitch out of place.

Thank you so very much for your products!