Shooting in the Hollywood Hills

Tanaya and I did a shoot yesterday (as mentioned in my previous blog). It turned out to be quite a bit of fun. And even more fun for has been the editing process this morning.

This is my absolute favorite, as helped out by Lightroom.




I used to watch this show called Cybill. The main character had a teenage daughter who would climb up to the Hollywood sign and sit in the “O.”  (The first ‘O’ in case you’re wondering. Not one of those in the ‘OO’ succession.) Anyways, I’ve wanted to do that for years and years.

I didn’t wake up this morning with the intention of doing it. Or even knowing that I would be anywhere near it.

Ah, but life is a wonderfully funny little thing.

We had a photo shoot today. It occurred right at the base of the trail that leads up to that grand sign. So, of course, I thought no time like the present. Fortunately, I have two wonderful friends who (a) didn’t laugh and (b) were willing to take pictures.

I knew that the sign was off limits. I remember watching a TV show that said that. But, well, I don’t know. It just seemed that there would be a way.

We hiked up for a good hour before we were right behind the sign. We found an opening in the fence and were just about to wander under it when we headed down the path a little ways. They’re not joking about this not getting near the sign situation. Nine different cameras pointed on the sign, one on each letter. AND security cameras from the tops of each letter.

Considering certain other situations that have occurred in my life in the past couple of months, I figured it was not a good time to test out my luck.

I did, however, slide under the fence and have my picture taken somewhat close to the backside of the letters. And…there’s always next time.

Prior the the "O" part of the day....this was a lot steeper than the pictures shows.

Prior to the "O" part of the day....this was a lot steeper than the pictures shows.

This series of pictures is my favorite ever in life.

This series of pictures is my favorite ever in life.

So close.....this was really a ridiculous amount of fun.

So close.....this was really a ridiculous amount of fun.

Bridal Shows & Other Insanities

Ever since I left my job, I feel like I’ve been working four times as hard. While this is probably entirely true, it feels strange. It’s even stranger to think about how much things are backing up.

I finally finished the ranking of the 100 songs. I’m currently testing out two alternate blogging platforms for that one. I’m honestly considering making that blog anonymous per Tanaya’s suggestion. As I was grouping the songs into life categories, I realized some will probably make me cry or laugh or a variety of other things. I’m not entirely sure how comfortable I am yet with putting all of that out there in the cyber-universe.

I have been substitute teaching at Westridge School for the past three weeks. I’m definitely enjoying the work. It’s been a long time since I’ve been give the opportunity to just do a job. It’s a lot of fun to “create” in the realm of technology.

And…643 Photography has finally decided to enter a bridal show. June 28th is the date. We sent in the registration materials first thing yesterday, and I’m personally looking forward to it! In case you’re planning a wedding….here’s the place to go :

Fullerton Marriott front

Friday Morning

So, I didn’t take this picture this morning. I just woke up still thinking about these pictures. Well, that’s not entirely true. I woke up jolted from a walk in the desert–at least in my dreams. I was describing my trip last night, and I think I was just so overwhelmed with the memories that it was a likely progression into my dream world. Strange because I woke up feeling simultaneously more rested and more tired than I have all week.

I have forced myself to not become “lazy” during this time. My alarm clock is still set for a fabulous 6:15, which is awesome considering I don’t have to be anywhere until noon everyday. That coupled with a bed time that has ranged from 12 on the good side to 2 on the bad side, you could say that I’m still operating on a somewhat normal schedule for myself.

What can I say? I just really like seeing the sun rise. Or at the very least, being awake as I know it’s happening. The overcast mornings make it somewhat difficult to see the actual sunrise, but I’m hoping that will clear up soon enough.

In the mean time, I think I have found sufficient projects to occupy my time.

From this morning…

just playing a little /Jana Sosnowski

just playing a little /Jana Sosnowski


I have been thinking a lot lately about things that symbolize me. Songs are a big thing. I was telling my mom last night that everyone should have to list their 100 favorite songs or books or anything. Looking at my wall and the song titles and the artists, I think you could literally look into my soul.

I also think colors have a lot to do with my personality. I don’t buy those traditional renditions of colors. Like blue is sad. Red is angry. Like everything else in life, I don’t see how you could tell me what a color means to me.

Blue is happy to me. It’s one of the most intense colors. It evokes such great memories for me. It can be twisted and shaped. It can be poured over things. It can be slipped onto images. It can highlight things and wash them away. It is the ocean and the sky.

It’s a very deep seated part of my soul. And it colors how I see things…

The way I see it.

The way I see it. Jana Sosnowski


I had the opportunity to visit my friend Danae’s classroom today. She’s pretty amazing with what she’s done with her technology curriculum. I was blown away by all the elements she incorporated into a unit plan. Technology aside, she covers marketing, finance, budgeting, self-esteem. You name it, she covers it. And I could tell how much her students love her. All in all, it was pretty awesome.

The other cool thing was she introduced me to two websites that I haven’t used before. The first I just spent an hour trying out, playing around with it like a little kid. Glogster is the name of the site. Basically, it allows you to create a poster. So, this is my first hand at a glog……


Shutterfly Share Sites

I’m starting to think that I’m ridiculously addicted to the internet. I like trying out and signing up for anything and everything that I find.

I received a coupon for 50 free prints from Shutterfly via email, and of course I had to take advantage. I think my apartment could use some new pictures, and I have had the opportunity to take tons of them in the past few months.

So, I decided that I would upload pictures from January 1 through today. The first 80 days of 2009. It’s been fun, I will have to admit. It’s kind of hard to believe that so much has happened in a mere 80 days, but then that’s probably also why I haven’t been home for a full 24 hours in almost a month.

At any rate, upon perusing the Shutterfly website, I came across Shutterfly Share Sites. I don’t think that it’s something that I would use for myself personally because I have too many photo sharing capabilities as it is. I was thinking, however, that it might be a good way to share pictures with our brides after their weddings. Right now, we’re sending Picasa albums to our brides 2 days after their weddings. This gives more of a personal feel and we can adapt them to the couple’s personality. It even provides opportunity for a guestbook and that might be even more fun.

I suppose it’s something we can discuss when we meet tomorrow—among other things!

For now, this is my sample site….80 Days in 2009.