Activities for an 11-Week Old

We have a pretty active little girl, and we both think that it’s important to keep her engaged with her environment while developing her cognitive, social and gross motor skills. After eleven weeks of practice, we’ve learned what her favorite activities are and have a pretty good selection of activities that our daughter engages in daily.

Some of her (and our) favorites:

  • Tummy time! Our little one only likes it on the boppy. She’s been working hard since birth to hold her head up, so she has no problems in that area. We give her a selection of chime toys and her black and white mat to grab as she plays.
  • Walking. She loves to put weight on her legs. With daddy’s help, she can move about a foot across her play mat — usually toward her toys.
  • Reading. We read as many books as we can each day. Favorites right now include those thFuzzy Bee and Friendsat rustle and board books with high contrast shapes and characters.
  • Music time. Music often overlaps the other activities. Favorites right now include the ABC song, the Itsy Bitsy Spider, the Wheels on the Bus, Motown and Mozart.
  • Swinging. Grandma and Grandpa gave us a swing that our little one loves to spend time in. Sometimes she’ll sleep in it, but often she’ll coo.
  • Mobile time. Our daughter spends about an hour a day — not at once — under her mobile. She loves to talk to it and gurgle in response to it.

When you add in naps and eating, she’s a pretty busy little one!