oh, the 30 before 30

After much debating and trying to figure out if I would actually have 30 things and reading countless other “30 before 30” lists, I’ve decided two things: 1. I’ve done a good job with lists thus far. 2. Why not?

I turn 29 next month, and I’ve started writing out the list. I have 18 things right now. Initially, I struggled because I thought I would ask various people to do certain things with me, and the answers have been a resounding “NO.”

So, in true me spirit, f— it, I say. It will be more meaningful to me if I do it alone.

I’ve learned, though, that it’s a hard list to make. There are things that I put on it and then think I should be doing that anyway. So, it’s definitely a work in progress.

Stay tuned….I think I’ll publish the list either when it’s done or the week of my birthday, whichever comes first.