Bridal Shows & Other Insanities

Ever since I left my job, I feel like I’ve been working four times as hard. While this is probably entirely true, it feels strange. It’s even stranger to think about how much things are backing up.

I finally finished the ranking of the 100 songs. I’m currently testing out two alternate blogging platforms for that one. I’m honestly considering making that blog anonymous per Tanaya’s suggestion. As I was grouping the songs into life categories, I realized some will probably make me cry or laugh or a variety of other things. I’m not entirely sure how comfortable I am yet with putting all of that out there in the cyber-universe.

I have been substitute teaching at Westridge School for the past three weeks. I’m definitely enjoying the work. It’s been a long time since I’ve been give the opportunity to just do a job. It’s a lot of fun to “create” in the realm of technology.

And…643 Photography has finally decided to enter a bridal show. June 28th is the date. We sent in the registration materials first thing yesterday, and I’m personally looking forward to it! In case you’re planning a wedding….here’s the place to go :

Fullerton Marriott front


-It was nice to read this  morning that Shawn Estes had been cut from the major league roster.

-Me taking joy in Estes being cut does not make me a mean person. Just one who doesn’t forget.

-It was not so nice to read that Chad Billingsley had suffered a groin injury. Argh! That cannot be good.

-I feel kind of “off” right now physically.

-I love that Desperate Housewives is online for free.

-I need to start reading again. I’ve totally blown the 52 books in 52 weeks plan.

-Tanaya and I redid our website for the millionth time (ok not millionth, but it feels that way). I wonder how long we’ll like this version.

-I don’t get why people are mean. I really don’t. It’s tiring.

-I’m happy with the way my first wave of spring cleaning went. I love the space in my living room now.

-I want to paaaaint!

-Going back to teaching is simultaneously exciting and terrifying.

-I have a very strong desire to see stars in the desert sky.

-We devised this plan to circumvent paying the $15 parking fee at Dodger Stadium. It mostly involves Manny Ramirez and his car.

-I appreciate responses to job inquiries.

-I need to stop doing searches on the Century 21 website.

-The pastrami and jalapeno sandwich at the Yardhouse is positively amazing and well worth the gallon of grease I probably consumed.

-I’m on a super high caffeine intake plan right now and still sleepy as heck.

-I can’t wait until the sun is rising at 6 a.m.

-I’m a sneezy mess right now thanks to the wind, but I love the clear days so it’s a pretty fair trade.

-I found out that there’s a “Mary” at the Alameda post office, which is my home one. “Mary” at the Boyle Heights post office is one of my favorite people on the planet.

-I’m excited to get actual prints from Shutterfly.

-I’ve become a little addicted to stretching.

-I have realized that I jaywalk in front of the Hollenbeck police station far too much. It’s a wonder I haven’t been cited.

-I like Chris Matthews a lot more now that the election is over.

-I have a huge desire to get on an airplane and go somewhere. Like now.

-I don’t like falling asleep when I’m cold.

-I’m ready for something electric. Like electric blue.

Shutterfly Share Sites

I’m starting to think that I’m ridiculously addicted to the internet. I like trying out and signing up for anything and everything that I find.

I received a coupon for 50 free prints from Shutterfly via email, and of course I had to take advantage. I think my apartment could use some new pictures, and I have had the opportunity to take tons of them in the past few months.

So, I decided that I would upload pictures from January 1 through today. The first 80 days of 2009. It’s been fun, I will have to admit. It’s kind of hard to believe that so much has happened in a mere 80 days, but then that’s probably also why I haven’t been home for a full 24 hours in almost a month.

At any rate, upon perusing the Shutterfly website, I came across Shutterfly Share Sites. I don’t think that it’s something that I would use for myself personally because I have too many photo sharing capabilities as it is. I was thinking, however, that it might be a good way to share pictures with our brides after their weddings. Right now, we’re sending Picasa albums to our brides 2 days after their weddings. This gives more of a personal feel and we can adapt them to the couple’s personality. It even provides opportunity for a guestbook and that might be even more fun.

I suppose it’s something we can discuss when we meet tomorrow—among other things!

For now, this is my sample site….80 Days in 2009.

Weddings! DeAnna & Sharron

Last Saturday, Tanaya and I shot a wedding in Van Nuys. The couple was amazing. They were full of energy and obviously deeply in love! We loved their children and had a great time sharing their day with them! These are some of my favorite shots:

The bridge & groom.

The bridge & groom.

Gossett Daughters!

Gossett Daughters!

The ring exchange.

The ring exchange.

She was a little emotional.

She was a little emotional.

DeAnna, the bride.

DeAnna, the bride.

The bride and groom.

The bride and groom.

For more pictures or to see our portfolio, please visit 643Ink and 643 Photography.

Blogging My Alter Ego

In a perfect world, I would wake up at 6, go to the gym, have a cup of coffee or three, and set about the work of a freelance writer and photographer.

Even though my world is not quite perfect yet, I still get the opportunity from time to time to indulge in this alternate universe in my head.

Yesterday, Tanaya and I shot a wedding. It was a long day, but it was fun. We’ve become used to these things, and I think we both found the perfect clothes and shoes for the day…comfortable and functional.

I also know that my new workout regimen paid off big time. This is the first wedding that I’ve shot that I didn’t end the night with a ridiculously sore back and wanting to scream to take my shoes off. Nope, all in all we got that one down. A couple of equipment upgrades, and I think we might actually have something pretty fruitful going.

But until that time, this is just me enjoying the sun and my camera….


We Can Do This…..Right?!?

So my best friend, Tanaya, and I are general partners in crime.

We’ve morphed our simple wedding photography business (check us out here  643 Photography) into what we dream will be a media empire. I somewhat envision us as taking over the world, and we like to laugh a lot so you’ll like us.

So the goal is to continue with photography but expand from weddings to travel to events. We should be launching a blog soon, but in the interim you can follow us on Twitter or add us on Facebook.

The idea is the 643Ink will combine our love for writing with our love for photography. We still do wedding photography so feel free to recommend us! And look for the launch of our new site in the very near future!