cycling…and I registered for the AIDS LifeCycle

So, I bought a bike.

About 5 months ago. Of course, I immediately decided that I was going to start blogging about it, but I refrained. I thought it might not “work out.” After all, I bought everything I needed to begin swimming a couple of years ago. Since a post on swimming never materialized, you can imagine what happened to that.

But biking? Biking stuck.

It’s kind of awesome. Once I got over my fear of downtown streets (okay, I’m not over it), I realized how much more amazing travel is on a bike. I learned I could cover much more ground that I could running, and I had much more face time with nature than I ever do in a car.

Fast forward five months, and I completed a 55-mile ride. Not only did I complete it, but I got home and still felt human. (Way different from my first 10-mile run.)

Now, I have registered to ride in AIDS LifeCycle 12. 

565 miles down the coast of California.