baseball & real life

I can’t help but staying glued to the coverage of Armando Galarraga’s almost-perfect game (see my baseball blog from last night).

I just read the story of Joyce’s teary meeting with Galarraga at home plate this morning before the Tigers game. And I laughed a little to myself. I had to laugh because first, I cried when I was watching it live, and second I can’t help but still feel bad for Galarraga. Then, when I heard the interview with Joyce after the game when he sadly said that he kicked the call, I felt bad for him, too!

Baseball plays a huge role in my life. It has for about 10 years now. I may not always pay close attention depending upon what’s going on in my life, but the last two seasons, I have been very involved. This was further exacerbated by the fact that I recently subscribed to more cable channels so I can watch more games than I used to. Along with the emergence of Twitter, I can follow most games instantly. So, when Halladay was close to perfection last Saturday, I was able to get to a TV just in time to watch that moment. The triumph of it, along with knowing Halladay’s story, made me tear up a little.

And last night, waiting for ESPN to switch to the Tigers game, my stomach was in knots. See the truth is, no matter who you pledge allegiance to as a baseball fan, you can’t help but cheer for great moments (unless, of course, the Yankees are involved).

I’d like to think that’s the same of real life. At our very core as humans, we want each other to succeed. And we take pain in each other’s failures. I just love that baseball creates a forum for these human instincts. It brings out the best (and the worst) in people. And it definitely gives us space for tears, for forgiveness, for sadness, and for triumph.

is this where ‘crazy’ comes in?

In addition, to my full-time teaching job, which pretty much reams me on a daily basis, I realized yesterday as I was running around that I just may have taken my insanity to a whole new level.

I’m also starting graduate school–again–because in my own words, “I was bored.”

And am forcing myself to write every single day so I can finish this novel by July 13 (yup, I’m putting that out there to force myself to finish). Add to that the fact that I have come up with 3 new story ideas in the last week.

And the best part of all….

My darling little brothers have challenged me to qualify for an MMA fight. Don’t ask. There is no reason on God’s green Earth for me to accept such a ridiculous challenge. I have started a weightlifting routine that I’m 98.5% sure is going to kill me. I figure win or lose, at least I’ll be in better shape. And I really do need to distract myself for the next few weeks. (Yes, I’m saying few.)

Say a prayer. Light a candle. Whatever you can do to help. I have 3 candles going….and a whole lot of laughter.

Oh yea, and it’s baseball season. Which is a whole other commitment.

your soul is showing

Last Sunday, I had dinner at my parents house. I left later than I usually do on Sunday nights, coming up with three different plots to not have to go to work the next day.

When I finally got home, I realized that my line of thinking was going to make my week entirely miserable. Since I knew going in that there was going to be a minimal amount of sleep involved in my week, I figured that I would be doubly miserable about Wednesday when the exhaustion hit me.

So, I said to myself that it is all positive. Every single bit of it. Continue reading

current, simple truths

Since last Saturday night, I have battled (yes, outright battled) a series of one infection and 2 viruses. I finished a 7-day stint with antibiotics for the infection yesterday. And proceeded to mostly lose my voice (as the 3rd part of my fun).

I almost shed a tear seeing Curtis Granderson in a Yankees uniform.

I came up with 89 different ways to cure the common cold. I think the 89th–baseball, Smartwater, and Jack Kerouac–was the winner….

I still can’t really talk. Continue reading

Why There Should be No Baseball Offseason

(Disclaimer: My brother and I have a somewhat light-hearted approach to death. We are all very respectively of death and the dignity of life, but a lack of fear leads to conversations that may not seem too funny to some people.)

Background: I received an email with the preliminary baseball road trips for 2010 from Sports Travel and Tours yesterday. I know that Eric Karros is on the ballot for the baseball Hall of Fame so I texted my little brother and told him we should go. This is the texted conversation that resulted:

Little Brother: Let’s go right now!
Me: It’s drenched in snow. We’d die.
LB: So?
Me: You want your parting moments on earth to be at the baseball hall of fame?
LB: That’d be cool.
Me: Haha. You’re funny.
LB: You should probably die at Dodger Stadium. I’ll buy the team and bury you under the pitcher’s mound. Haha. Then the rubber thing could be a grave stone instead!
Me: Hillllllllarious. I always used to say that I wanted to be buried in the bullpen! That’s genius about the gravestone.
LB: Haha. The bullpen sucks. You should be buried under the away team dugout so you can haunt them.
Me: That’s a great idea, but I like the mound idea. You should really make that happen.
LB: Haha. Ok I will.

I seriously wish I was making this stuff up.

Dodger Intuition?

It’s been a weird year of “feelings”, predictions, signs…I don’t know exactly what you would call it.

It started in spring training, watching Kershaw pitch. Just a feeling that we were in for something exciting this year. A feeling with a disclaimer that he would need to learn to deal with his nerves. That held true for the entire season.

Then, two weekends before the end of the season, I said, wouldn’t it be funny if the Dodgers waited to clinch the division until they came home. “Funny” was not taken lightly. Even funnier (read: odd-er) was Friday of that final homestand, and I sent an email that said:

Truthfully, I’d honestly prefer it tomorrow when Kershaw is pitching 😉

And it happened. Odd. Odd. Odd.

Then there’s the Little One who turned to me during the first game of the NLCS, and said, “Manny’s going to hit a homerun just to spite you.”

And again, it happened.

Then there was Jimmy Rollins last night. He was interviewed prior to the game and my tweet:

Jimmy Rollins is making me queasy. #Dodgers #Phillies
4:52 PM Oct 19th from TweetDeck

I sat on the floor while the Phillies had two on and turned my head up to the TV just in time to hear that Rollins was headed to the plate. My heart sank. Just another of those moments.

I don’t know what it’s been or what it means. I don’t purport to be psychic. I just think baseball is such an intensely funny game that who knows how or why things happen.

Which brings me to my last example.  My email from yesterday morning before the loss:

For some reason though, and perhaps this is semi-wishful thinking, I have the sinking feeling this is going to 7.

Here’s hoping this is a trend that can keep up for just a couple more days.