Work Hangover?

One of my favorite things about being a teacher was that I was mentally stimulated and challenged all day, every day. I would become absolutely exhausted. I remember a friend saying he couldn’t talk to me for a couple hours after the school day because my throat would be exhausted and my brain would be unable to process coherent sentences.

After two years of working in an office, I realize that I MISS that. I miss doing things that are a challenge and that allow me to create things.

For the past few months, I’ve been in a whirlwind. I’ve started writing again, blogging mostly, but also working on fiction. I’ve edited tons of pictures. I’ve been creating curriculum. I’ve substitute taught, edited videos, and overall had a good time. The end result is that I go to bed completely exhausted and I love it.

I realize that I think I could live like this. The only problem is that when you’re working on multiple things and you’re in charge of them, it’s very hard to get in downtime. I’ve been careful to get in sufficient amounts of exercise. And it’s very nice to be able to take a three-hour break to watch the Lakers beat the Magic. Inevitably though, that last piece of work finishes around 2 a.m. and I wake up the next morning so confused as to what happened the night before: a true work hangover.

It’s absolutely hilarious, and I’m really appreciating it!

Bridal Shows & Other Insanities

Ever since I left my job, I feel like I’ve been working four times as hard. While this is probably entirely true, it feels strange. It’s even stranger to think about how much things are backing up.

I finally finished the ranking of the 100 songs. I’m currently testing out two alternate blogging platforms for that one. I’m honestly considering making that blog anonymous per Tanaya’s suggestion. As I was grouping the songs into life categories, I realized some will probably make me cry or laugh or a variety of other things. I’m not entirely sure how comfortable I am yet with putting all of that out there in the cyber-universe.

I have been substitute teaching at Westridge School for the past three weeks. I’m definitely enjoying the work. It’s been a long time since I’ve been give the opportunity to just do a job. It’s a lot of fun to “create” in the realm of technology.

And…643 Photography has finally decided to enter a bridal show. June 28th is the date. We sent in the registration materials first thing yesterday, and I’m personally looking forward to it! In case you’re planning a wedding….here’s the place to go :

Fullerton Marriott front

This Thing We Call Time

It’s a funny thing.

For some odd reason, I feel like I’m much more busy than I was a month ago. It’s hard to fathom. Tanaya pointed out today that I’ve only really gotten half of my day back with working four hours and that 24 hours is still not enough.

That’s so true. That coupled with the fact that in my mind that translated into being able to add 10 more hours of stuff to my day has made things a little bit nutty.

It’s ok though. I only bring it up because I’m back-logged on blogging. I have a post-it (of course) of the things that need to be blogged, hopefully in the next two days.

And an additional post-it of other things that need to be done.

I also hope to launch a second blog by the end of the week. I’ve officially decided to do the “Top 100” in it’s own blog. I tinkered with the idea of just setting it as a category, but I also really want to give Google’s Blogger a shot. I think a project like that with a definite end would be the perfect way to try it out.

But now….sleeeeepppp…..

All Along the Watchtower: The Book

In the midst of all that is going on, I have spent the last five evenings, “slurping” this blog into Blurb. My original intention was to create a book of my entire blog at the end of 2009, but I realized that as it stands, the book would be over 200 pages. With some editing and picture-swapping, I have come up with 180 pages. I’m calling it Volume I and hope that this will be a four volume series!

I ordered my own copy today and expect it in a week! I’m very excited! I’m so excited to be self-published!

Check it out here….

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By Jana Teresa Sosnowski

All Things "S"

In honor of Saturday…..

SUN: I got plenty of it today! Tanaya and I took her new dog, Bella, to Griffith park for a pretty lengthy hike. It was a cool enough day to just enjoy the warm sun on my skin. It’s always nice to be outdoors!

SIDEWALK: We stopped on the way back for what supposed to be a hamburger for me. (I ended up with a chicken on ciabatta, but that’s not the point.) We ate at I believe it was called The Mustard Seed Cafe. We were able to sit out on the sidewalk with Bella and enjoy some more outdoor air.

SPEED: I took another drive out into the desert. Cabazon, to be exact. There was a lot of traffic getting out of Los Angeles, but it was a nice drive once I hit Beaumont.

SOUL: It was a pretty trying week. I think that’s why I was so excited to take a long drive. It was nice to be alone with my thoughts and loud music and to just let the week go. It gave me a great sense of peace. I think that sometimes, even though I do need to talk about what’s going on, I get to the point where I really don’t want to tell the story again.

SLOTS: I played at Morongo. I lost the least amount of money I’ve ever lost in a casino. That was largely due to the fact that I discovered 2-cent slot machines.

SUNSET: Oh my goodness, the sun was amazing. A huge orange ball in the sky. It’s been a very, very long time since I’ve been able to see it at that point in the sky. I was just about to pull over to take a picture, when I thought to myself that I should just remember. And I will.


.1. Work has been crazy busy. I think I could sleep till June!

.2. For the past two days, I’ve been thinking about the difference between “flittering” and “fluttering”.

.3. I still haven’t had a potato chip! I think it’s been at least 6 weeks. I even turned some down yesterday.

.4. Tears of God is one of those songs that I can hear at any given time and think it relates perfectly to my life at that moment.

.5. A Facebook conversation, an IM chat, and a texting session in the past two days have all been the culprit of fits of giggles that have left me in tears.

.6. My mom and I watch reality TV shows while on the phone together. It’s happening more and more.

.7. Right now I’m pretty confident that all of the pieces are going to fall into place.

.8. I turned down Dodger tickets today, solely because I want Opening Day to be the first time I see Dodger Stadium in 2009.

.9. A lady called me a “Barbie” today. I don’t think she meant it in a bad way. I hope not.

.10. I’m impressed with my patience.