Magic #100

I had planned to write a blog about writing my 100th blog entry, and somewhere in the excitement of my trip to New Mexico and to Dodger Spring Training, I totally lost count.

I think this one is now #105, and that’s ok.

I started this blog because I was trying to figure out if I could use WordPress for work. Instead of starting up a mock work blog, I figured why not start my own. It definitely wouldn’t be the first. I had one on Myspace for quite awhile. Then, I did one with my .mac account. Then, I used blogger for awhile for the more prayerful blog that sometimes delved into just musings on life. And, of course, there was a Facebook blog.

So, here I am on WordPress with over 100 entries in just a little over three months. It’s been fun. I love the ease with which I can add pictures, edit entries, and update from work or home and eventually my phone.

My goal is to keep it up for one year and then extract it into Blurb and have it bound into a book. Regardless of what happens this year (and it’s already been pretty eventful), I think it will be a very nice keepsake of my year.

Thanks for reading!

On Blogging

I have this internal struggle with blogging.

On one hand, I like having my words disseminated. I like them in “print”, and I like the ease with which I can modify, adapt and configure my thoughts. I actually do like the thought that somewhere out there, someone is reading this.

On the other hand, I feel like I’m exposing my soul to the world. I do that in some ways in my non-computer life, but I control the filters. In this way, I can’t control any of the filters. I can’t control which of my thoughts and ideas people get to read. Presumably, anyone can read any of them.

That’s hard. So when people ask me about my inauguration experience, I feel compelled to give them the link to this blog. It’s the only way that I can truly share what it meant to me. Words fail badly. I just can’t seem to express the feelings when I talk about it. I can describe the events, but to share what went on my head? That only exists in type. It’s a funny thing.

Then, this morning, I received a lovely comment from someone on my “Meanings” page. It meant a lot. Not only because it was positive, but also because someone out there “got it,” and, in essence, “got me.” That’s a pretty good feeling!

And I go back to the reason I really started to enjoy writing and know that I had some amount of talent. Somewhere around 14 or 15 years old, I realized that I could make people cry with my writing. Those tears made me see that I could bring someone so far into my world that they could actually feel what I was feeling.

That connection is what I enjoy. My written words are probably the only real way to get to know me. They unmask all that I try to hide and get right into the very core of what I feel.