Kershaw’s Challenge

It’s no big secret that I love, love, love Clayton Kershaw. Mostly because he’s a lefty. And mostly because he’s had Cy Young written all over him from the first time I saw him pitch.

The funny thing is that I think now I love, love, love his wife even more.

I read about the Kershaws’ pledge of $100 for each strikeout Clayton registers this year, and it made me like them both even more. The goal is to raise $70,000 to build an orphanage in Zambia, where Ellen has visited frequently and Clayton made his first visit this offseason.

While I wish I could match their pledge, he’s just too good of a pitcher. So, I’m scaling it down to $1 per strikeout. I figure that way, I’ll make a minimum of a $200 contribution (hint, hint) to their fund this year. And it won’t be too bad to have to make a contribution every 5 days throughout the season.

After Opening Day, I’ve made the first $9 donation.

Check it out here!

Eric Gagne & We’re 2 Weeks Away!

Eric Gagne is one of those players who is a baseball “forgive-all” for me. Okay, maybe that’s extreme. But for a team that routinely lets go of players I love, I think it’s good news that we finally get one back–before he’s 45.

And for my second exaggeration, this would have been like signing Mike Piazza back in 1999. I would have considered it an act of reconciliation for having my heart ripped out by Bob Graziano and his Fox cronies.

Signing Gagne to a minor league contract, however, was not the most important news from this week in Dodgerland. Jamie McCourt’s increased monthly support request was, I think, perfect timing. Two weeks before the spring season opens up, she ups the ante. To a remarkable darn-near-$1-million per month. Personally, I would have taken the $300,000 a month and asked Frank to sign a starting pitcher, but he didn’t marry me, unfortunately–for all of Los Angeles.

I think, though, for the second spring in a row, I’m most interested in seeing what Clayton Kershaw looks like this spring. I’m hoping he’s recovered from his 2009 off-season, gotten some rest, and some perspective.

And to round out my interests for the spring–Blake DeWitt, A.J. Ellis, and James McDonald.

Happy almost-Spring Training!