Random Thoughts Because I Should Have Been Asleep 1 Hour & 51 Minutes Ago

I genuinely dislike the Los Lobos’ “Colossal Head” album.

Even worse, it bugs the daylights out of me that I hate it so much.

Today, this random guy told me that he went 9 months without cooking at home. The universe had to know that I would take that as a personal challenge. I’m on week 3.

Every now and again, I’ll meet someone and be blown away by the energy their soul. Today was the first time I really realized that I have the capacity to do that to other people.

That whole switch-blade saga from when I turned 18 suddenly made a whole lot of sense when I remembered something today.

I’m going to cheer for Manny this season. Purely for mockery and ridicule purposes.

I just calculated that if you meet me in a bar, you have a 1 in 920,000 of getting my phone number.

I think my cat can see ghosts.

Three nights ago I told myself that I should go to bed at 10. I didn’t fall asleep until 12:15. The next night, I decided 9 and failed again. So I decided to stop with the foolish bedtimes that are only going to be decimated by Jamaica Kincaid or manuals on writing.