Plinky #5: The Most Confusing Part of Life Is…

What part of life confuses me the most?

This is a funny question right now. Everything? Nothing? Both?

I’m going to do my best to describe my confusion, but it may not make sense. I think the most confusing part is the motion. Everything about movement in life is confusing. It appears that we control our destiny, but really we do not. It’s pre-ordained, I believe. Yet, if you sit doing nothing, you make no movement toward your destiny. So, there is constantly a fine line between accepting and creating your destiny. Of not being afraid to follow your dreams and of being sensible enough to keep yourself alive—literally and figuratively.

Then, there’s an added complication. Other people. Everyone is on a path and has his or her own destiny. Sometimes those paths intertwine and we’re not exactly sure why, or they diverge and we’re not sure why. Sometimes we let the paths diverge and sometimes we force them to. And this is true of every human interaction. Spending so much time teaching, it was hard to say goodbye to students for awhile. Then, I realized our time together was meant to be our time together. Sometimes the paths converge again, and this makes me happy, but most times we disappear from each other’s lives. Friends. Random strangers. Co-workers. Bosses. Family. They come and go. Their energies add to mine and then as quickly as they appear, they disappear.

With all of this movement, it is sometimes hard to know what is the correct path or the “right answer.” That’s confusing from time to time. I think, until you really learn to live in the moment and understand that the energy within you propels your direction. Then, it’s somewhat less confusing. Just a little less confusing.