oh, Facebook…

I disabled everything on my Facebook page for one month. I started by following the feed on Tweetdeck, but after a week it was pointless. I follow the same people/things on Twitter. I didn’t miss it one bit, but oddly it concerns people. So, I’ve turned it back on.

The reason is/was I’m very anti-the-$50-billion thing. Call it what you will, but it bothers me.

This is not a promise that I’ll check it or log onto it. Or whatever else you’re supposed to do with it.

If you really want to talk to me…let’s continue our progress toward emailing & calling me.



I’ve picked up “The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga,” and I’m almost certain that it’s going to do me in. It’s funny but I can already feel the effects. Soreness and some actual muscle forming.

I also picked up Kathy Smith’s Weightlifting exercise thing. Another brutal workout. It kind of makes me think that perhaps I just enjoy pain. (Not really.)

I’ve made a pledge to myself to get in two workouts a day. Don’t know how long I’m intending to keep that up, but it’s been five days so far.

The overzealous working out is an attempt to cut back on caffeine. It’s failing miserably because I don’t like headaches.

I’ve started crocheting. It’s really my attempt to make myself get away from this gosh-darn computer for some time. I realize that I’m probably going to develop arthritis because of it.

I’ve launched another blog that is totally unrelated to this one.

I walked 2.7 miles round trip today. It was part of my exercise for the day, but also a lot of fun. I like walking around in my own little world.

I realllllllly, really miss being a teacher. Like it hurts.

I love baseball. I know that’s a given. But I really love the game. It makes me super happy. I realized that again last night when I was driving home from a game.

My dreams last night about a certain person were totally unnerving. I thought perhaps something not so great was going to happen today, but it didn’t. And the day is almost over, so that’s good news.

I fell in love with Rahm Emanuel today. For real. Political crushes. Wow. That’s a first. (Ok, not really, but it sounds weird to say I have a crush on the President of the United States. There’s just something inherently wrong with that sentence.)

I had one of those moments the other day when I had to stop and catch my breath. I actually watched Barack Obama be inaugurated as President of the United States. I still can’t verbalize how utterly amazing that was.

Juan Pierre. Write him in. 71 times. Seriously.

I feel bad for Clayton Kershaw. I really do. I could have told you in spring training that he was not ready. So, to punish him for what probably every one knew, is just not a good idea.

I have text stalkers. I don’t care if people read this. It’s not funny. Not in the least. So, if I don’t respond to you, it’s probably because I’m trying to ignore other people.

My wall looks funny without all the post-its.

I found this fabulous way of doing fan-fiction through Facebook. I was mesmerized for awhile, but I have let it slip.

June Gloom has hit with a vengeance. It’s not fun. Not at all.

And yet….I still have awaken every morning thinking something good was going to happen. And it has without fail….

Conniving Idiots & Things We Do

I think we explained it best this way: Separately, we are both very humble people. We don’t draw a lot of attention to ourselves. We work quietly and efficiently, expecting no praise.

Together? Together, we are force to be reckoned with. We border on arrogant. We talk outloud. To each other. About each other. About other people. We act like we’re the only two people in the entire universe.

Tanaya and I are nuts, and we will admit that.

The truth is, I blame things like Facebook and internet design software that allow us to go totally off the wall.

Prime example from today:

picture-4(Maybe arrogant was a bit harsh. Sorry, Tanaya.)