The Problem with the 2010 MLB Playoffs

Bitterness aside, and yes it’s aside. It usually takes me a week, but I can get over it and move on and enjoy the remaining days of major league baseball like the good fan that I am. Unfortunately, this year we’ve gone from eight teams with a pool of four teams I can’t stand and four teams that were in way over their heads to a pool of the four aforementioned hated teams.

Since “hate” is such a strong word, I don’t throw it around willy-nilly. So, I feel compelled to explain.

The ALCS: Yankees vs. Rangers.

The Yankees. There’s really not a lot to explain here. No self-respecting baseball fan could actually like the Yankees. Unless, of course, you were born into your fandom. That, I will excuse. Completely understandable. It’s like being born into a religion. Not much you can do about it. With the rare exceptions of people like Mariano Rivera (who is just so classy and so talented that you can’t fault him) and Curtis Granderson (who will be a Tiger in my eyes till the day he retires), there’s not a single redeeming thing about the Yankees.

The Rangers. George. W. Bush. Sits. In. An. Owner’s. Box. Again, not a lot to explain here. The former leader of the free world who defiled the Constitution and is guilty of multiple crimes against humanity. He owned the team. Let me get behind that one. I think not.

The NLCS: Giants vs. Phillies.

Umm. Yea. This one is personal.

The Giants. Not a lot to say here either. No self-respecting Dodger fan could ever root for the Giants. Just draw a line from Tim Lincecum all the way down to Juan Marichal. It’s a rivalry. And rivalry clouds statistics and that “young phenom” quality every time. Nothing I can do about that one either.

The Phillies. Two words: Chase Utley. Add in two seasons of watching the Dodgers get eliminated at the hands of the Phillies, and there’s just no way. There’s no lesser of two evils on this one. One is a deep-rooted rivalry, and the other is current rivalry. They do get one exception–Halladay. He’s a delight, and I love him to death. And I hope he wins tomorrow, but after that…

I hope there’s a work stoppage.


Dodgers & Giants

A standing-room-only list of 16 non-roster pitchers invited to their new Spring Training camp at Camelback Ranch-Glendale is topped by a trio of familiar names — Jeff Weaver, Shawn Estes and Eric Milton — seeking to keep the dream alive.

via Dodgers welcome reclamation projects | News.

I know it’s just a game. I know it’s also a business. I know players get traded, and I know that it is highly unlikely nowadays that a player will spend an entire career with one team.

BUT, I’m CALLING FOUL on Shawn Estes.

After suffering years with Jeff Kent, one of the worse Giant-Dodger transplants of all time, I’m begging that Shawn Estes not make this team.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with taking this rivalry seriously. It’s one of the few things in life that SHOULD be taken seriously!  And, that should include not defecting to the opposite team. It should include not signing players from the opposite team. AND it should include not having a GM from the opposite team.


On the other hand, it would be nice to see Jeff Weaver in a Dodger uniform again….