All Kinds of Work

This was my computer screen at work a few hours ago….


A typical day: running donor reports off a P&L, talking to Tanaya about blog entries, talking to AA about marketing, listening to KROQ on iTunes, revising the talking points for our development board, revamping the call lists for our donors, updating this blog, updating 643Ink’s Twitter account….

You see, I have two jobs really. The “official” one of fundraising and the co-owner of 643Ink. My official one trumps most of the day, but I keep the other things going simultaneously. And, in case it appears I don’t work, this is what my computer looks like now at 9 p.m. as well….still working on everything. And, I’m happy to report that to-date I have helped to raise an amount just shy of $700,000.

Ah, yes. That is also Lexulous which I am currently obsessed with. My cousin has beat me soundly about eight times in a row….