walking times: lunch in #dtla

It was such a gorgeous day today that a walk seemed like the perfect way to spend the afternoon. And, of course, food was involved (I feel like all I’ve done the last week is eat!).

We ended up at Korean B.B.Q on 1st street in Little Tokyo. I ordered the half barbecue chicken-half beef plate. My friend ordered the half spicy pork-half chicken plate. Both meals came with a salad, miso soup, rice, kimchi, pickled cucumbers, and potato salad. The portions were more than generous (I’m glad I only tasted the soup and focused mostly on the meat), and the price was great. [P.S. My friend went to extra care to point out the turtle-shaped skillet that the food arrived in. I have to agree that it was a nice touch!]

We ended up sitting in the restaurant watching a Korean soap opera with English subtitles. I wish I knew the name so I could keep up with it!

We pulled ourselves away from the soap opera and headed back out to 1st Street, where we made a stop at Fugetsu-Do to pick up some Kopiko coffee candy. At $1.50 for the bag, it was a steal and a perfect “light” dessert after the huge lunch.

The mile or so walk back home was perfect after our meal, and we made brief picture stops at St. Vibiana’s (where we found that the courtyard was still maintained), California Water Plaza (after a ride up Angel’s Flight), and Bank of America Plaza (where a once public park–a place I’ve eaten often–was fenced off with warnings against trespassing on “private property”).

St. Vibiana's

California Water Plaza

Gated park at BofA Plaza