bad mood.

I woke up this morning–on the fourth try–and just made a decision to be in a bad mood. Really, the day could have gone either way, I could have dragged myself out of bed, took a shower, and went about a normal Saturday of grading and running errands.

But I just didn’t want to.

And as I got up to close the blinds in my room and block out the sun, I realized that I’m rarely in a bad mood. Even if I wake up in one, there’s usually so much to do that I have to shake it off pretty instantly in order to function without going insane.

After all the has happened in the past three days, I really thought that I deserved to be  in a bad mood. Just mad at everything and everybody.

Totally exhausted. Annoyed. Peeved. Cranky. Bitter. A little sad. Depressed.

All of the above.

So, I’ve slept a lot today. Watched a lot of basketball. Done a whole lot of nothing.

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