the magic of the 12-minute nap

After two weeks of testing and timing, I have discovered that I can take a 12-minute nap and feel sufficiently rested enough to continue working.  There are a couple of disclaimers:

  • This failed miserably yesterday. I suppose it loses its effect when you try to use it 11 days in a row.
  • My naps usually occur at 7:00 p.m. so that I can continue working into the evening. If I were not me, I wouldn’t suggest that this is a good idea at all.
  • The true victory in all of this for me is in my ability to meditate. I have used a method of five stages that I have stretched into seven. To accomplish these 12-minute naps, I have found that I can skip all the way to Stage 7, which is a complete clearing of the mind. I’m proud of myself that I can do this because my mind operates at hyper-speed all day. So, to shut it off so that I can fall asleep, sleep and wake up rested in a 12-minute period is pretty awesome. But, it also took me about six years to be able to successfully do Stage 7 at the end of the entire meditation.

All of that being said, this 12-minute nap business is a whole lot more economical than the hour and a half naps that I used to take last year.