Shameless Self Promotion

I ordered some notecards the other day with a picture that I had taken across the front. I chose to write the word “kiss” in the bottom right hand corner. It was just the perfect word to describe how I feel about the sun.

At the same time, I was having a conversation with my business partner about starting an Etsy account for our photography. As always, I set up a personal account just to try it out. That’s probably why I have an subscription to every blogging site, twitter site, and artwork selling site under the sun, but I digress.

The image for my note card was still on my desktop so I threw it up there along with a couple of other things, so here we go:

janateresa by janateresa on Etsy

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Dream Home

I’ve never really had a desire to live near the ocean. Partly because the overcast morning are hard on me. But also because I like the feeling I get when I’m overwhelmed by the ocean. I wonder if that would diminish if I saw it every morning.

All of that being said, I officially want this house:

PV-34Stunning. Stunning. Stunning. And looks right over the ocean. I think I could get used to something like that.