wandering thoughts

I don’t really know why they’re wandering. Maybe they’re more like scattered.

I’m really excited for baseball. Like hopping around my apartment excited. I’m even excited for the Phillies’ rotation. Really.

Ever since that day, I’ve led a completed charmed life. I’m not even afraid to jinx it because the opportunity just keeps coming.

I had to sit through a presentation on 4 Loko today. When I told my mom what’s in it, she said, and I quote “That sounds exactly like you.”  (I was going to post it as a whole conversation, but my brain is really tired right now. I’ve churned out way too many words today.)

Funny how my solution to my tired brain is to write more.

I learned yesterday that you can register the outline of a literary work. So, the story of professional baseball’s first female manager officially belongs to me for the next five years.

My extended outline is redone. Yay! And turned in just an hour before deadline time.

Two words: bottle. rockets.

I miss calling you a creep every week.

My mom knows what Wiz Khalifa sings. Just saying.

I learned how to Dougie with a 1-year-old.

Someone said that to take joy in your work is the greatest thing you can accomplish. And I do. And I’m grateful.

And lastly, I’m so proud to be loved by you.



The Problem with the 2010 MLB Playoffs

Bitterness aside, and yes it’s aside. It usually takes me a week, but I can get over it and move on and enjoy the remaining days of major league baseball like the good fan that I am. Unfortunately, this year we’ve gone from eight teams with a pool of four teams I can’t stand and four teams that were in way over their heads to a pool of the four aforementioned hated teams.

Since “hate” is such a strong word, I don’t throw it around willy-nilly. So, I feel compelled to explain.

The ALCS: Yankees vs. Rangers.

The Yankees. There’s really not a lot to explain here. No self-respecting baseball fan could actually like the Yankees. Unless, of course, you were born into your fandom. That, I will excuse. Completely understandable. It’s like being born into a religion. Not much you can do about it. With the rare exceptions of people like Mariano Rivera (who is just so classy and so talented that you can’t fault him) and Curtis Granderson (who will be a Tiger in my eyes till the day he retires), there’s not a single redeeming thing about the Yankees.

The Rangers. George. W. Bush. Sits. In. An. Owner’s. Box. Again, not a lot to explain here. The former leader of the free world who defiled the Constitution and is guilty of multiple crimes against humanity. He owned the team. Let me get behind that one. I think not.

The NLCS: Giants vs. Phillies.

Umm. Yea. This one is personal.

The Giants. Not a lot to say here either. No self-respecting Dodger fan could ever root for the Giants. Just draw a line from Tim Lincecum all the way down to Juan Marichal. It’s a rivalry. And rivalry clouds statistics and that “young phenom” quality every time. Nothing I can do about that one either.

The Phillies. Two words: Chase Utley. Add in two seasons of watching the Dodgers get eliminated at the hands of the Phillies, and there’s just no way. There’s no lesser of two evils on this one. One is a deep-rooted rivalry, and the other is current rivalry. They do get one exception–Halladay. He’s a delight, and I love him to death. And I hope he wins tomorrow, but after that…

I hope there’s a work stoppage.

Dodgers 4 (38-19), Phillies 3 ~ June 5, 2009

Picture 2

I sat in the bottom of the 8th inning absolutely fuming. For the second time this week, Dodgers have a runner on second and what does the batter do? Hits the ball to the left side.

“Not acceptable,” is what is I said.

Last night was an odd night for a lot of reasons that don’t quite fit with this post. As to the actual game, it was a fun win. It really was, one the Dodgers probably got because of luck, but I’m hoping that it will be the catalyst for a new winning streak. It was especially nice after a night hearing how great Hamels pitched on Thursday night.

There has been a lot of talk about the gap that Manny left in the offense. I just don’t think it makes much sense. There are little things the Dodgers could be doing, like advancing runners, that would make this a whole lot less painful.

Now, I’m not expecting 162 victories because, honestly, that would be a little boring, but I would at the very least expect that they play fundamentally sound baseball.

The other issue that I have is the lineup, but like I said last night, my major league teams haven’t made it to the playoffs for 12 straight years, so I’m going to shut up.

Go Dodgers!

Picture 3