“The Doctor & The Devils” ~ Dylan Thomas

Reasons why I read it–

  • Since, I was forced to teach “The Crucible” last November, I have taken to reading plays. I never enjoyed reading plays as a student because I felt that they were not intended to be read. They were written for a specific art that was not words on paper. So, I have been determined to find things that bring as much meaning through words as they do through action. I’ve run through “Death of a Salesman,” “Los Vendidos” and “Zoot Suit” with my students in the past four months. All brilliant.
  • I was wandering the LA Central Library when I came across a strangely bound volume written by Dylan Thomas.
  • Upon researching the tale, I was intrigued by the publisher notes that said Thomas was commissioned to write this particular story because it was believed that he was one of a few authors at the time who could spin prose in the form of a screenplay so beautifully that it would read as literature. (For the complete synopsis: BBC does a great job.)

Reasons I loved it–

  • The publisher’s notes are dead on (no pun intended). Thomas weaves a beautiful story through the guise of a screenplay (that never was transformed into its intended movie version) that lacks nothing as literature. His characters are chilling and the settings are beautifully spun into images in the mind. Continue reading