Inauguration: The Map

Map to the Lincoln MemorialSo I looked this up today as the final leg of our route from the DC Metro to the Lincoln Memorial.

I don’t think it’s set in that I’m going to be at a Presidential Inauguration in a little over a week. Or that it’s going to be Barack Obama’s inauguration. It’s pretty crazy to think I’l be there.

I’m looking forward to it. In more ways than one. I’m looking forward to my week off. I’m looking forward to the people (yup, all 4 million of you!). I’m looking forward to the massive energy.

Mostly though I’m looking forward to celebrating being a part of something so amazing. I think it’s going to be an absolutely amazing time….


Turbo speed? Turbo work?

I don’t know what exactly I was thinking about with the word “turbo”, but it seemed like it fit!

Work is going at turbo speed right now. In some ways, I suppose it’s a good thing because the days fly by. I feel like I blinked today and it was 6:30. I do wish I had been home before the sun set, but that will be my goal for tomorrow.

I can’t even begin to describe what’s making it so busy because it would be kind of funny, but I really think I’m going to deserve my week off for the inauguration.

I can’t believe I’ll be getting on a plane to Washington DC in less that two weeks. The whole thing seems a little surreal at this point. I’m half excited and half oblivious to the reality. I don’t think it’s truly set in that this is liable to be a chaotic experience, but it’s probably better. I’m going to feign ignorance and pretend that I have no idea.

It’s funny because I have the same approach to the weather! My whole approach thus far has been that there’s no way it could be worse than Chicago. I figure I survived that so this should be cake.

Other than that, I’m actually relieved that Obama will be president in less than two weeks. There is a verifiable mess in this world right now. I don’t know that he can “fix” it, but I will feel somewhat more at ease knowing what drives him is a little closer to what drives me than our current president’s motives. That is my greatest consolation because I believe at the heart of Barack Obama is someone who genuinely cares about the well-being of human beings. There’s nothing more that I could ask in a president.

Inauguration–The Background

In 23 days, some of my very best friends and I will be stepping onto a plane and heading to Washington DC for the inauguration of Barack Obama.

It was a weird idea that stemmed from not being at the Democratic National Convention. We had applied to be delegates and all of us were denied. So, we watched from home. The next day I heard all these “great” stories about people who had made their way to Denver without tickets and were able to get tickets standing in the lobby that morning.

Hmm….was my thought.

I was not going to miss out twice. So, I said, I’m just going to get a plane ticket and a hotel room and we’ll see what happens.

Two weeks before the election, we all booked plane tickets. The day after the election we booked a hotel room in Virginia.

Now, I am just praying for no snow and trying not to fear the 4 million projected attendees who will be roaming around the DC area.

I am very, very excited, needless to say…..stay keep reading in the coming weeks for updates! (I think I will be able to blog from my phone :))