“it’s Hail Mary time”

Three of the women who I trust and I admire the most said to me in the span of 2 days last week that it’s “prayer time.”

It’s funny to me to think that one moment in time would be more deserving of prayer than another, but I feel like that I would be foolish to not heed the hint.

So, I have been making a effort to pray, pray, pray. Probably not in the way that I was taught as a child, but in the way that I have learned as an adult. And honestly, things have gotten easier. My body is refreshed. My mind is less negative. And my spirit is more bright.

And for their specific intentions, I continue to pray. The best I can do is have everything–body, mind and soul–in complete flow with the universe. And we’re in rhythm right now.

So, pray, I will.

Hail, Mary…