I have been somewhat apathetic to Twitter up until this week. I use it mostly when I’m bored. Most of the “people” I follow are news organizations. I just thought it was a quick way to get the news I was interested in from a variety of different sources in one easy place.

My updates were….umm….strange to say the least. Song lyrics. Random quotes. I tried for one weekend (in Phoenix) to update what I was doing while at Dodger Spring training and realized that Bill Plaschke was there too, which was kind of cool! Other than that, my participation has been sporadic.

We even created a twitter account for 643Ink, and updates there have been sporadic as well. When we set our minds to keeping it up, it goes well. Otherwise, it’s somewhat of a battle. A losing battle, at that.

All of these being said, I realized a few days ago what exactly my problem with Twitter is, or at least online Twitter. One, I never remember where I left off so I’m always missing updates. Two, I forget to go back far enough and I don’t often realize that people have sent me messages. Three, it really isn’t in my face. It’s not like email where the number of unread messages pops up in my toolbar, and I am alerted to go check it out.



All of that changed when I heard about TweetDeck somewhere. I’m not quite sure where it was, but I downloaded it and there goes life. (Fortunately, I haven’t been on the computer very much to get completely out of control.) All of a sudden though, I have a nice pop-up whenever there are new updates. I can choose whether or not my particular update merges with Facebook or not.

My favorite things:

  • Separate columns for tweets, replies and direct messages.
  • The ability to update Twitter and/or Facebook simultaneously.
  • The url box that allows you to shrink urls right on the interface.
  • The option to reply, retweet, or direct message a fellow Twitter-er right from their icon.
  • The ability to mark messages as read.

I think I need technology to slow down…..


April Fool's!

Google always has the best April Fool’s day pranks. At least, I think they’re great now that I know they exist. A couple years back, I opened gmail on April 1st to see this brilliant new plan that would print out and archive your emails for you and deliver them all for free! I fell for that one hook, line and sinker.

So this morning when I opened up gmail, I was only momentarily excited to see this:

picture-6Have a good one, folks! According the sun and moon calendars, April should be a beautiful month!

Shutterfly Share Sites

I’m starting to think that I’m ridiculously addicted to the internet. I like trying out and signing up for anything and everything that I find.

I received a coupon for 50 free prints from Shutterfly via email, and of course I had to take advantage. I think my apartment could use some new pictures, and I have had the opportunity to take tons of them in the past few months.

So, I decided that I would upload pictures from January 1 through today. The first 80 days of 2009. It’s been fun, I will have to admit. It’s kind of hard to believe that so much has happened in a mere 80 days, but then that’s probably also why I haven’t been home for a full 24 hours in almost a month.

At any rate, upon perusing the Shutterfly website, I came across Shutterfly Share Sites. I don’t think that it’s something that I would use for myself personally because I have too many photo sharing capabilities as it is. I was thinking, however, that it might be a good way to share pictures with our brides after their weddings. Right now, we’re sending Picasa albums to our brides 2 days after their weddings. This gives more of a personal feel and we can adapt them to the couple’s personality. It even provides opportunity for a guestbook and that might be even more fun.

I suppose it’s something we can discuss when we meet tomorrow—among other things!

For now, this is my sample site….80 Days in 2009.

Canvas Bags

I’ve never really liked purses. Somewhere in the past few months, I have taken to carrying around canvas bags. They just feel so much more convenient. Much more convenient and much more functional.

Until I realized last night, this is all the stuff, I carry around with me….

The contents of my bag....

So, for the time being…I am carrying around a laptop, a digital camera (the little red bag) a blackberry, and an iPod. The two remotes there are for the the stereo and the TV. The book Son of a Witch (which I will probably write more about later) is the book following Wicked, which I saw a couple months ago and absolutely loved.  And Lives of the Saints is my current meditation catalyst (I will probably talk about that one in my other blog).

So, there we have it. I’ve lost it. I love technology way too much, and I carry it around with me!