giving thanks.

Thank you for inspiring me to do this, for teaching me more than I could teach you, and for routinely impressing me.

Thank you for listening to me talk about my day every single day, for threatening to sign me up for—solely because it gives me something to laugh about, and for loving me as I am.

Thank you for a lifetime of good advice, for never judging and teaching me not to judge, and for making me a strong person.

Thank you for being my first best friend, for laughing at everything I do, and for being an amazing man, brother and role model.

Thank you for loving my brother, for always being so thoughtful, and for being the sister I always needed.

Thank you for inspiring me to follow my dreams, for always saying that you love me, and for being the kindest person I’ve ever known.

Thank you for letting me call you by a name that is not yours, for loving baseball more than I do, and for being the baby of the family—even though I know you’re 18.

Thank you for being an amazing partner and friend, for the drives home after weddings, and for ten years of really odd email conversations.

Thank you for leaving to find yourself, for letting me know when you did, and for returning me to myself.

Thank you for almost-seven years of friendship, for having the other piece of my soul, and for letting me be difficult.

Thank you for our coffee dates, for letting me watch your son grow up, and for being one of the most amazing women I’ve ever known.

Thank you for becoming my friend when I was not so happy with myself, for always telling me to “relax,” and for the Friday night walks under the eerie red sky.

Thank you for the never-ending saga of your neighbor, for making me eat dessert, and for never taking me seriously enough.

Thank you for the chance to start again, for wiping the slate clean, and for the direction I somehow lost along the way.

Thank you for always saying thank you, for listening to my socialist thoughts, and for showing me that this isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Thank you for giving me work that allows me to be myself, for an endless stream of ideas and an even more endless stream of coffee.

Thank you for limitless opportunity, for dreams as high as the moon, and for finally learning that nothing is that serious.

Thank you for letting me find the reaches and limitations of my mind, body and soul, of letting me know that it’s okay to be alone, and for the time, space and energy to do this.

Thank you for wiping away all worry, for letting me hear the creation of art, and for saving a piece of the Sun for me.

Thank you for a 14-year anniversary that has shaped the very essence of who I am, for showing me what it means to be alive, and for allowing me to build upon scars to be thankful.